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Chopstuck is an awarness campaign aiming at educating people on the different ways of using chopsticks. The main target audience is the mauritian people, since it is not a traditional kitchenware used in Mauritius.

The Problem:

Many Mauritian do not really knows how to use chopsticks. Being a Multi-Cultural nation, we aim at breaking bariers by educating people to use chopsticks. Many Mauritians like to eat chinese prepared meal. We want to help them appreciate their meal to thefullest. Those meals can be noodles, sushi or eve maki.


Big idea

The idea was developed using a combination of three topics. Firstly the ninja and the chopsticks who are both of Japanese origin. Then we mixed those two to demonstrate the agility of holding chopsticks, whilst showcasing the agility of a ninja.


Three Main artwork were developed using three ninja weapons. The sword, Nunchaku and Ninja Sai.


Some of the artwork has been re-adjusted for social medias.


A small bifold leaflet has been design in view of the campaign.

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